Using jump leads

Before using jump leads

Always check the vehicle handbook.

All vehicle handbooks include general advice on using jump leads however some include model specific procedures.

If this is the case drivers must follow the car manufacturer’s procedure rather than the below guidelines.

Jump starting a vehicle when done correctly is a safe procedure however it can be dangerous if performed incorrectly.
To avoid damaging your car or putting yourself at risk, motorists should follow the below guidelines.

Using jump leads to jump start your car – safety rules:

Drivers should keep metal objects away from the top of the car battery – rings, watch straps, hand tools etc. just brushing a battery post can cause a massive spark, possibly exploding the car’s battery and releasing the acid.

Drivers should never attempt to jump-start a car battery that is leaking or looks damaged – an explosion could result.

Drivers should avoid smoking or naked flames – car batteries give off flammable gases and an explosion could result.

Drivers should keep their hands well away and avoid loose fitting clothing – with the vehicle’s engine running it’s easy to get caught-up and seriously injured on moving parts.

Jump leads must be in good condition – damaged conductors or clamps can result in overheating and even fire.

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